About Marie

Marie has always found herself in awe of words. Her dream of one day writing some of her own and having them published slowly sifted to the bottom of her ‘to do’ list; her humdrum working life becoming a whirlwind of national and international relocations.  She has moved into her ‘forever’ home in suburban Perth three times.

Her love of words never went away, it just idled in the background as she used her writing skills for other things: preparing insurance reports, assessing immigration applications, submitting charity funding submissions, convening a school P&C and typing witty, wine-induced texts with close friends on Friday nights. On the side, she continued to devour any book she could get her hands on.

She is now concentrating on her creative writing and shares glimpses of her writing life in this blog.  She hopes that one day, her dream of being published will be realised.