Missing my Blog

It’s nearly midday and I’m sitting at my computer, still in my pyjamas, thinking about that run I’ve been putting off since I waved everyone goodbye this morning.

Maybe I’m prolonging the procrastination, but I tell myself: quickly check your emails, scroll the through WordPress Reader (which is similar to a Facebook newsfeed), then no more excuses. Time to drag on the tracky dacks and wheeze my way around the park.

Then Bang! Out of the blue, half way through the Reader, I missed my blog. That’s never happened before. I enjoy blogging, but I don’t crave it. And after giving myself permission to post infrequently, it surprised me to feel that way. It’s usually enough to catch up on what everyone else is doing, before retreating back into my off-line world of words.

But today for some reason, I felt like sharing how my writing’s going. It’s been a while.

A few months ago, I wrote about not setting any writing goals this year. Instead, my focus has been on enjoying the writing process. Given there are only thirty-eight days until the year reaches it’s midway point, it’s a good a time as any to assess whether my strategy is working.

I have to say, it is! Without the self-induced pressure, I’m able to concentrate on my book – scene by scene. Beta readers are helping guide my story with their insightful questions, and I’ve embraced being a slow writer. All that matters is that I try most days to connect with my novel in some way. It draws me back to the computer. It’s something I look forward to. Marathon writing sessions, fact checking with Google, or hanging out at the State Library. It all counts.

Interpret the mantra, ‘A writer writes, no matter what,’ very loosely.

Writers are ‘writing’ even while they’re unpacking the dishwasher between paragraphs, or walking around the block when the perfect solution to a plot hole is playing hide-and-seek with their brain. Heck. Writers are still writing when they read to their kids at night, or flip through a glossy magazine at the local cafe.

My novel has taken a completely different turn, but I hope to weave the original scenes in somehow. Interesting characters have appeared, demanding to be written, and there’s a depth that wasn’t there before. I have no idea what my word count is, but the story feels right. I think I’ve finally found a writing process that works for me – but that’s a post for another day.

‘Life in general’ is mellow. Most days are calm and considered. It’s a nice place to be after the events which led me to write in the first place.

I’ve found a balanced approach to social media that fits my life (balanced more in my favour than the screen’s), and I’m still riding the wave of a ‘travel high’. We returned from a Spain a few weeks ago. What a fabulous country. And the food – divine! (That reminds me – I should probably head out on my run soon). My spare time at the moment is devoted to my all-time favourite hobby – making DVDs from the footage I took during the trip. This all started when our babies were born a long way from ‘home’, just before Skype and social media took off. DVDs of first steps, and first words, and snippets of the everyday were sent home to grandparents. At the time, it was all about the present. I had no idea of the precious gift I was giving my future self and family. A lifetime of moments captured – with killer soundtracks and funny, written anecdotes adding to the enjoyment. A holiday is no longer complete without the blockbuster movies that follow.

My creative bucket is well and truly filled at the moment. I hope yours is too.



Hot air balloon ride over Segovia. I will definitely have to write about the mixed emotions I felt on this day. 


  • Isn’t Mother Nature amazing? I took the image which appears at the top of the post in San Sebastian, April 2018.

22 thoughts on “Missing my Blog

  1. Lovely to catch up on where you’re at, Marie. Glad you had an amazing holiday and what a great idea to turn those memories into DVD’s!
    Nice to hear your novel writing is coming along. Can’t wait to read it one day 😊
    And I can totally relate to procrastinating about exercise! I would be extremely fit if I actually exercised as much as I think about exercising 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Suzi .
      Although the ‘reading day’ for my novel is still a long way off, I feel like it’s getting closer. I’m hoping to have it at a stage where I can enter it in the Richelle Prize in early July. I’ll see how I go!
      Thanks for stopping by 😊


  2. Wonderful update Marie. I’ve been thinking of my blog a bit lately too, though not missing it at all. Like you, the offline words are being prioritised, and I genuinely feel more joy in them than what I might hobble together for a blog post.
    Your DVDs sound wonderful. I have fond memories of watching tapes of myself as a child. Something my own children will miss out on since everything is retained in an app only phone!
    Happy writing. X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Kirsty! I’m glad you’re prioritising your off-line words too! I’d imagine it’s not easy when you have a little one in the house! At least mine are at school all day 😊
      Thanks for popping in!


  3. I’m always happy to hear that others are coping OK with less on-line presence. After a rather ‘in-your-face’ 2017, I’ve opted for a quieter year, retreating a little from the online world to spend time with my characters, shaping their lives. Far more satisfying, don’t you think? By the same token, it is good to reach out occasionally and discover there are others like us still out there, still interested, still listening . . . Good luck. Keep writing. Keep enjoying it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s probably not a bad thing to have those ‘in-your-face’ years. I think they make us appreciate the calm and quiet when we switch off, and get on with our own world building.
      Thanks for taking time out of your writing to reach out and say hi.
      All the best for your writing. I hope your characters are creating all sorts of interesting situations for you to write about! 😊.

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  4. Hi Marie, you always inspire me. After our chat the other day, I have spent a lot of time thinking about my writer’s block and why it is there. Procrastination and fear have two strongholds on me at the moment, in addition to devouring other books as if the world was going to run out of stories. This is a wonderful reminder of prioritising the story that I and only I can tell. Thank you x

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    • Procrastination can be a good thing – it means your brain is working out issues in your novel. (Plus, I know you’ve been super busy!)
      Your writing will flow again – hopefully soon!
      It never hurts to devour other people’s books either. I’m a heavy reader when my writing’s not going well. 😊


  5. Nice to hear from you again, Marie! I’m really glad your offline writing is going so well and your manuscript is developing—it’s amazing what our minds conjure up when given time and space! Blogs and social media are much more fun without the stress and pressure, and I think you’ve made a very wise decision!
    P.S. Your photos are amazing, and your DVDs sound like precious keepsakes! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank, Louise
      I hope the writing spree lasts – until July at least… 😆
      And you’re spot on with blogging and social media being more fun without the pressure.
      Quite the circus act – juggling it all at times! 😊

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  6. Hello Marie! You know how I miss you when you don’t blog, so I’m happy to get an update. Very glad that your creative bucket is full and the book is moving along nicely. I’ll be first in line (or on Amazon) to buy it someday. I like the idea that writers are always writing…so true. I do a lot of writing on the arc machine lately. Hugs from foggy Carmel, Michele

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Michele! My novel writing seems to be taking over at the moment – I’m spending as much time as I can on it, which is a good thing. I think I just want to get it finished once and for all!
      Writing on an arc machine sounds interesting. I could really use a treadmill desk now that winter seems to have arrived 😆

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  7. Always love reading your blog posts, Marie and I look forward to reading your writing process one (when you’re ready to write it). I’m finding it more difficult to meet my self-imposed blog deadlines these days and am attempting a more relaxed approach. I’m sure your recent travels will inspire lots of future writing! Looking forward to reading it.

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  8. Marie, after stumbling across a fellow Australian, I had to duck over and check out your blog. I don’t know why I come across few Australians on my blogging travels but they’re very few and far between. It actually reminds me of when I was backpacking through Europe and would play spot the Aussie. I spent most on 9 months in continental Europe so it was quite different to doing the whole living in London routine.
    I hope you had a great weekend and your trip to Spain sounds amazing. Good luck with the novel.
    Best wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello, Rowena. It’s really nice to ‘meet’ you 😊
      Funny you should mention playing ‘spot the aussie’. We were listening out for Aussie accents in Spain, and only heard one or two. And yes, Spain is awesome!
      I’m looking forward to getting to know you in the blogosphere 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Great to hear from you, Marie and am looking forward to reading more of your writing. I’ve never reading considered being Australian as belonging to a minority group before, but that’s probably pretty close to the truth.
        Best wishes,

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  9. We miss you here…
    I miss my blog too. But sometimes one needs a break to spend with family and other life’s issues. Hope you’re having fun connecting socially… Looking forward to read more from you and maybe go through your novel when it’s ready


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