Clean Slate

The training wheels came off my blog this week.

Like a child careering down a steep slope on a new bike – barely able to reach the pedals, I acted with more confidence than ability and changed my site’s servers.

In the process, I lost all my previous blogging content. Well, not totally lost.  I’d saved the articles to Word just incase, but the comments, the likes, the links…  Gone.

I’m viewing my  botch-up as an unlucky scrape.  An almighty skid.  A learning curve.  Hopefully I’ll earn new likes and links as my site continues to grow.


But losing my training wheels (and content) left me with a decision to make.

Do I reconstruct everything and place it back into this ‘replacement’ blog, or do I start 2017 with a clean slate?

I decided to leave my blogging training wheels in a safe place, out of the way for now.  You never know, one day I might want to look back at those files and marvel at how far I’ve come.

I’m feeling very positive about 2017.  As well as those old blog posts, I’m working on leaving lots of past issues behind me.

How about you?  How do you see the year ahead?  What are hopes and dreams for 2017?

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